Plant flower bulbs in pots
It is important that the pot in which you are going to plant the flower bulbs is deep enough. The container should be at least three times the height of the flower bulb. At the very bottom is a layer of potsherds, hydrogranules or gravel for drainage. Make sure that there are holes at the bottom of the pot, especially if you are going to put the potted flower bulbs outside.

Place potsherds, gravel or hydro grains at the bottom. If you put the pot outside, make sure there are some holes in the bottom for drainage.
Put potting soil in the pot.
Then put the bulbs in the pot. Don’t be too frugal, put a lot of bulbs in it.
Top up with some more potting soil and press firmly.
Give water.
Potting soil for flower bulbs
The best soil for planting in pots and containers is the soil you buy in bags at most garden centers. This soil is richer, cleaner, insect and disease free and less firm than the soil in the garden. This potting soil has the important property that it retains water for a long time. This is important to prevent the flower bulbs from drying out. You can also mix the potting soil with some sand, flower bulbs like this.

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