Dahlias in the garden
Do you have access to a piece of land, no matter how small? Then the dahlia prefers a spot in the morning sun. May is the best time to plant the dahlia tubers. So tubers, not bulbs. Therefore, before planting, you should wait until the night frost has disappeared. Dahlia tubers are full of moisture and can therefore freeze.

Ensure healthy soil when planting the dahlia and mix in some more organic fertilizer for ornamental plants and fresh potting soil before planting the tubers. A few tips: snails love the shoots of dahlia tubers, so take some precautions against snails. Are the plants about 20 centimeters high? Then pinch the tops off the heads, this will stimulate the branching of the plant, resulting in a border that will later burst with the most beautiful dahlias. And of course don’t forget to water.

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